Veterinary Medical Students (DVM and Vet Tech) and Faculty are eligible for a 25% discount for our Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification course. Groups of 25 or more are eligible for even greater discounts

Since the beginning of the Silver Certification program in 2014, we have offered 4 levels of group discounts based on the size of a given group. With the launch of the University, we are now offering individual and group discounts that are designated specifically for current college and university students and faculty. While individual current students and faculty can take part in this discount, the discount percentage increases as the size of a given group increases:
  • 1 – 24 individuals = 25% discount
  • 25 – 45 individuals = 35% discount
  • 46 – 99 individuals = 45% discount
  • 100+ individuals = 50% discount
Please fill out the form below to start the process. Once we contact you, in order to qualify for this discount as part of a group, you will need to email CattleDog Publishing a list of the names, email addresses (must be a school email address if available), name of the school, and expected graduation date for each student. Once a connection to the school has been verified, and payment has been arranged, a one-time individual or group discount code will be provided to each individual.

If you have questions about this discount or the course itself, please use the "Contact Us" form here. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE FORM BELOW FOR QUESTIONS.

School Verification Form

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