Recognizing Brewing Fear and Aggression

Recognizing Brewing Fear and Aggression in Dogs and Cats

Dog and cat bites are the most common cause of injury in the veterinary hospital or pet care setting. Failure to recognize the subtle indicators of fear and anxiety, paired with improper handling, can lead to animals who may leave medically better, but behaviorally worse. See how a more skilled approach to interacting with these pets will help you quickly win their trust, allowing you to avert potentially dangerous and stressful situations.

Course Objectives:

Recognize the overt and subtle signs of fear and anxiety in dogs and cats.
Identify the common errors people make that may lead a dog or cat to be more fearful or aggressive.
Learn how to approach fearful and aggressive dogs and cats in a non-threatening and safe manner so that the pet feels calm and secure.
Recognize how unruly behavior and over-arousal can lead to aggression, and learn the general approach to addressing these issues.

78 min / 2 units.
Cost $60


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