Rapid Reversal Of Fear and Aggression

Rapid Reversal Of Fear and Aggression in Dogs and Cats

Course Description:

Flooding, desensitization, classical counter-conditioning and operant counter-conditioning are the 4 methods of behavior modification; but which one should you use? Many people are familiar with the terms and techniques but may lack the full knowledge needed to apply them appropriately. Improper or unskilled application can cause animals’ behavior to worsen. Discover how understanding the underlying principles and observing the animal’s response can increase your level and speed of success.

Course Objectives:

Learn the 4 methods of behavior modification: flooding, desensitization, classical counter-conditioning, and operant counter-conditioning.
Understand why desensitization and counter-conditioning are generally safer, faster, and more effective than flooding, which can be associated with adverse effects.
See the common mistakes that people make when trying to desensitize and counter-condition. Discover the factors that are essential for performing the techniques safely and efficiently.

75 min / 2 units.
Cost $60


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