Silver Certification

***Silver-Level Certification: Coursework & Online Testing***  LSH Silver Certification ENROLL NOW!

Individual Certification at this level demonstrates to clients and employers the individual’s dedicated interest in Low Stress Handling®. Hospital Certification at this level demonstrates to clients and staff the hospital’s commitment to appropriately training staff in Low Stress Handling® methods.


  1. Individual Certification Requirements

    1. Certification requires that each individual take all 10 lecture and lab courses in the pre-determined order. The classes are taken online, via an easy-to-use portal. After each lecture, the individual takes an online multiple-choice examination. Grades will be displayed as soon as each quiz is completed. If the student does not pass a quiz the first time, the quiz may be retaken until a passing score of 90% or better has been attained. Each quiz must be passed with a 90% or better in order to move on to the next module. After passing all 10 multiple-choice quizzes and a final multiple-choice exam, scoring 90% correct or higher, the individual receives Certification in Low Stress Handling®, Silver-Level. This program is open to all individuals including; Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, all other clinical staff, veterinary and veterinary technician students, groomers, dog trainers, animal rescue workers, shelter staff, and animal owners.
    2. How much time do I have to complete the course?
      1. 1 year (365 days). Individuals who have not completed the course after that time must re-enroll to attain certification. There is a re-enrollment fee of $15.
    3. How long does certification last?
      1. Like Board Examinations for Veterinarians or the Veterinary Technician National Examination, Certification in Low Stress Handling® is a one-time process.n the future there MAY be CEs required but that is still to be determined.
  2. Hospital/Clinic (Facility), or Business Certification Requirements

    1. Certification requires that a minimum of 51% of staff (including part-time) who work more than 8 hours per week become certified in Low Stress Handling® (LSH/LSH-S) as described under the Individual Certification section. You must have a minimum of either two full time employees (both LSH-S certified)  or one full time person who is LSH-S certified and two part-time employees, one of which is LSH certified, to qualify as a Low Stress Handling® certified facility or business.
    2. How long does my hospital/clinic/shelter/business have to complete certification?
      1. Once a facility/business registers to begin the certification process, it has 180 days for a minimum of 51% of its staff to complete the course. Individual enrollee re-enrollments will prolong the amount of time it takes for a hospital, clinic, or group to become certified.
    3. How long does certification last?
      1. Unlike individuals, certified facilities (practice, clinic, shelter or hospital) and businesses must re-certify every three years. The majority of veterinary facilities see a 30% or higher staff turnover rate each year – meaning that even just after two years, only 30% – 45% of the original team members may remain.
    4. How Do I certify my Facility or Business?
      1. Send an a email showing the total number of all current full-time (36hrs a week) and part-time (8 hours a week or more) employees that have contact with the public (this includes front desk/support staff and managers) and/or animals, and listing the names and graduation dates of those that are Certified in Low Stress Handling®. For large facilities  please use an excel spreadsheet. Send this to with the subject line “Certified Facility or Business Application”. Once we have confirmed the LSH graduates and that you meet the 51% threshold, you will be advised that you qualify and we will update our directory.
    5. What is the process for facility/business re-certification?
      1. To re-certify, facilities/businesses must re-establish a minimum of 51% of current staff that is Certified in Low Stress Handling®.
        1. At 2.5 years, the facilities/business receives notification that it’s time to re-certify. Only staff members who are not Certified in Low Stress Handling® need to take the course.
          1. For Example: When first certifying, a hospital has 51 staff members out of 100 become certified. Over the next 2.5 years, they lose 30 staff members and must rehire. With the turnover, now only 40 LSH certified individuals remain on staff. To re-certify, this 100-employee hospital will need to certify at least 11 additional staff members in order to fulfill the “51% minimum” requirement.
        2. Please see #4 above for the how to confirm your standing as a Low Stress Handling® certified facility or business.
        3. Note: A certified facility/business may decide to make it standard policy for all new technicians and staff to receive Certification in Low Stress Handling® as part of safety training. In that case, those employees join the hospital’s roster of certified staff members as they become certified. As a result, when it’s time to re-certify the hospital may easily still retain the 51% minimum of certified staff, even with normal staff turnover.
        4. Note: During the three-year period, a certified hospital may hire new technicians and assistants who completed their Certification in Low Stress Handling® elsewhere. When it’s time to re-certify, those new previously-certified employee are counted toward the “51% minimum” requirement.


  1. Individual Certification Process

      1. Step 1: Register
        1. Click above or below on this page and the course will be automatically loaded into your cart.
        2. Fill out the registration form, submit payment and you are ready to start right away.
          1. Note that if you are seeking certification, you must enroll in the entire Low Stress Handling® Certification Course.
          2. You will not receive certification if you enroll in the component classes individually.
          3. Individuals may not use the Group Discount options unless they are purchasing a minimum of 4 seats in the course.
      2. Step 2: Complete the coursework and exams
        1. Watch the lecture and lab videos in the pre-determined order. Take the multiple-choice examination at the end of each lecture or lab. For the five labs, we recommend that you practice the skills as you are working through the videos. We also strongly recommend that you download the accompanying Low Stress Handling® Certification Workbook in the first module of the Certification program and read the Study Tips ahead of time so that you will know how to get the most out of the program.
          1. After you successfully pass each multiple-choice test (scoring 90% correct or higher), you automatically move on to the next course in the series.
          2. After you complete the entire series and pass all of the tests, you receive a certificate of completion with your CE units listed (AAVSB for veterinary staff, IAABC, CBCC, or CCPDT for members of those organizations). It is the responsibility of the student to submit their own CE units to the appropriate agencies.
        2. Step 3: Publicize your accomplishment
            1. You will receive a PDF certificate of completion via download from within the Low Stress Handling® University that you can display on your wall.
            2. International Customers: Please contact CattleDog Publishing at to let us know whether you would like a Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified badge (badge only includes the Silver Certified logo; no name or credential is displayed on the badge) sent to you. If you would like a badge, there will be an additional shipping cost based on shipping charges to your country. We can provide you with the cost once you contact us. There is no shipping charge for customers in the United States.
            3. We will include you on our website’s directory of certified individuals. Please let us know before completing the course if you do not want to be listed.
            4. Listings may include, name, credentials (DVM, VT, etc.), business name/address/email/website/phone number.
            5. Information is taken from student’s user profile from within the Low Stress Handling® University. Please ensure your profile is updated.
            6. You may add to your e-mail signature and website the words “Low Stress Handling® Certified – Silver” and the year of certification. You may include the Low Stress Handling®Certified – Silver logo (available upon request and verification of certification) on you website, along with a link back to the Certification in Low Stress Handling®  page, so your clients can see what the certification means.
            7. You may tell clients that you have been trained in Low Stress Handling®via online lecture and testing, or that you are Certified in Low Stress Handling®.
            8. You man NOT claim to be certified to teach Low Stress Handling® You may NOT claim that you have been “certified as having Low Stress Handling® skills.”

            Facility/Business Group Certification Process (new)

            1. Step 1: Register and set up an account
            2. Go to and select Course Catalog from the menu at the top. From the Course Catalog, choose Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification and then select the Group Discount Tier which applies to your group size (group size is cumulative across all enrollment periods from the same business. Group enrollments must be verified by CattleDog Publishing in order to prevent fraudulent discounts being purchased). On the Cart page, make sure to enter the number of seats you are purchasing (Group 1 = 4 – 14 seats; Group 2 = 15 – 19 seats; Group 3 = 20 – 44 seats; Group 4 = 45+ seats).
            3. Email CattleDog Publishing a list of enrollee names and email addresses for Group Discount verification. Also include the primary contact person’s contact information for enrollee progress reporting purposes. The below information is also required for certification of the facility/business upon enrollees’ completion of the Low Stress Handling® Silver Certification program.
            4. Facility/Business Information: Facility/business name, facility/business address, name and job title of the employee who will be your primary contact, phone, fax, and e-mail. (Note that you will have six months for staff to complete the course.)
            5. Staff information: Number of staff working 8 or more hours per week. At least 51% of employees working more than 8 hours per week must pass the certification course regardless of their job duties, in order for the facility/business to be considered certified. This includes all “public facing” (such as front desk staff) employees/supervisors and all employees having contact with the animals.
            6. Enrollee information: Number of employees who will be taking the certification course. Per-person cost for the facility/business varies depending on the number of staff registered. See the Pricing Information in the next section.
            7. Enrolling additional staff members after initial registration: If you decide to add more staff members, you can enroll them at the same per-person rate by following guidelines under Step 1 and selecting the appropriate Group Discount Tier based off of your business’ total cumulative enrollment. For historical enrollment numbers please contact CattleDog Publishing at
          1. Step 2: Individual students will receive a Welcome email from Low Stress Handling® University that tells them how to access the certification course.
          2. Step 3: Individual staff members complete the course
            1. What individuals need to do: Individual staff members watch the lecture and lab videos in the pre-determined order and take the multiple-choice examinations. For the five labs, we recommend that participants practice the skills as they are working through the videos. We also strongly recommend that they download the accompanying Low Stress Handling® Certification Workbook from the first module of the course and read the Study Tips ahead of time so that they will know how to get the most out of this program. The discussion questions and practice exercises will be especially important for students to enhance their learning experience.
            2. Once the staff member has completed the entire course and passed all of the tests, they will receive a downloadable certificate of completion from within the Low Stress Handling® University and a badge to wear with the Low Stress Handling® Certified – Silver logo (sent only upon request). The badges will be sent once the staff members have completed their Silver Certification (For international customers, there is a shipping charge to receive the badge).
            3. Monthly milestone reports: Upon request, you’ll receive “monthly milestones” e-mails documenting the percentage of your enrolled staff members who have completed the various classes and how many have completed the entire certification, so that your designated administrators can ensure staff is keeping up.
            4. How management can facilitate the learning process: We recommend that the facility/business uses the Low Stress Handling® Certification Workbook discussion questions and practice exercises to help facilitate learning. Weekly staff meetings to discuss the questions or practice exercises can help keep members on track and ensure that the process is a group effort.
            5. Minimum requirements for certification: When a minimum of 51% of staff/employees completes the program, the facility/business receives certification. For example: If 12 are on staff but only 10 employees work over 8 hours/week, then only 6 must complete the training.
          3. Step 4: Publicize your accomplishment
            1. Within 6 weeks of notifying us of your completion of the Low Stress Handling® Certification Program, you will receive an official certificate of completion that you can display in your lobby, stating that the facility/business is “Certified in Low Stress Handling® – Silver Level” because a minimum of 51% of current staff are certified via online course. To help you generate client awareness and interest, you also receive Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified badges for all certified staff to wear. The certification mark includes the URL, where the public can learn about Low Stress Handling® and find out what your certification means. (For international customers there is a shipping cost associated for delivery of the badges.)
            2. Your facility/business is listed as a Certified Facility or a Certified Business on our directory at (including the number of certified employees), along with a link leading back to your website. Individuals will also be listed on the certified individual’s page.
          4. Payment Information

            1. Is Certification Cost-Effective? Compare the cost with other CE: Hiring a lecturer to come out to present 20 CEU hours of lecture (two days) to your entire staff can easily cost $6,000. The cost of closing your hospital for two days and losing those days of revenue, while paying staff to take the two days of CE, could run as high as $75,000.
            2. Individual Certification

              Individual certification cost
            3. Cost is $330.00. Price includes:
            4. $40 certification fee
            5. $290 course fee includes viewing access to all of the online videos that make up the course content as well as the online quizzes.
            6. Compare this cost against the full price ($615) for watching all of the videos via DVD without becoming certified.
              Payment is 100% in advance
            7. Individuals pay via the Low Stress Handling®University payment system.
            8. Credit card only – All major credit cards companies are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.
              An invoice and enrollment information will be sent via email at the completion of the payment process.
            9. Facility/Business Group Certification

                Facility/Business Certification Cost
              1. Variable cost depending on the number of people being certified at that facility/business:
              2. Group of 4 – 14 people
              3. $305.00 per person
              4. Group of 15 – 19 people
              5. $280.50 per person
              6. Group of 20 – 44 people
              7. $264.00 per person
              8. Group of 45+ people
              9. $246.50 per person
              Payment is 100% in advance
              1. Groups may pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) directly through the Low Stress Handling®University payment/checkout system; checks/money orders (payable to CattleDog Publishing) must be approved prior to admission/enrollment.
              2. Groups must give CattleDog Publishing the participant’s contact information so we can verify their enrollments with their Group Discount Tier status.
              Cost for enrolling additional staff members
              1. After initial registrations, facilities/businesses and groups may enroll additional staff members or decide to certify new staff as part of regular training even after the facilities/business is certified. Facilities/businesses will only be charged the discounted individual certification price per additional staff members, based on total cumulative enrolled group size.
              2. Cost for Re-certification
                1. The only cost associated with facilities/business re-certification will be to enroll additional/new staff/employees in order to meet the 51% minimum certified staff requirement.

                What if you are not able to finish on time? Re-Enrolling:

                  If the participant does not finish in the allotted time, they must re-enroll to get certification
                1. There is a $15.00 fee per individual to re-enroll
                2. This also applies to hospitals, though only those individuals who have not yet completed the Certification Program after 6 months need to re-enroll.
              3. When a participant re-enrolls:
                1. They are given renewed access to their course with no loss of progression.
                2. Their time is extended by 180 days from the date of re-enrollment.

                Low Stress Handling. Creating Safer Work Spaces

                Lectures Included in the Silver-Level Certification Program:

                (All videos are broken into segments to allow for students time management.)

                Module 1

                • Recognizing Brewing Fear and Aggression in Dogs and Cats (Duration: 78 minutes)

                  • Discussion Questions
                  • CE Units: 1.5

                  Module 2

                  • Rapid Reversal of Fear and Aggression in Dogs and Cats (Duration: 75 minutes)

                    • Quiz
                    • CE Units: 1.5

                    Module 3

                    • Low Stress Handling®and Restraint of Difficult Dogs and Cats (Duration: 75 minutes)

                      • Quiz
                      • CE Units: 1.5

                      Module 4

                      • What Giraffes, Dogs, and Chickens Have in Common – Training Techniques that Work for all Creatures (Duration: 96 minutes)

                        • Quiz
                        • CE Units: 1.5

                        Module 5

                        • Towel Wrap Techniques for Handling Cats with Skill and Ease (Duration: 80 minutes)

                          • Quiz
                          • CE Units: 1.5

                          Module 6

                          • Kitty Kindergarten: Creating the New Improved Cat Through Early Socialization (Duration: 96 minutes)

                            • Quiz
                            • CE Units: 1.5

                            Module 7

                            • Essential Exercises for Moving Dogs from Place to Place (Duration: 98 minutes)

                              • Quiz
                              • CE Units: 1.5

                              Module 8

                              • Handling and Restraining Medium-sized and Large Dogs with Skill and Ease (Duration: 69 minutes)

                                • Quiz
                                • CE Units: 1

                                Module 9

                                • Handling and Restraining Fearful, Aggressive or Difficult Dogs with Skill and Ease (Duration: 136 minutes)

                                  • Quiz
                                  • CE Units: 2.5

                                  Module 10

                                  • Desensitization and Counterconditioning: Teaching Dogs to Willingly Accept Medical Procedures (Duration: 160 minutes)

                                    • Quiz
                                    • CE Units: 3

                                    Enroll in Low Stress Handling Silver Certification


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