I don’t live in the United States. Can I still purchase enrollments in the Low Stress Handling University?

LSimple answer: YES!!!

The slightly longer answer: If you live outside of the United States you can certainly still purchase enrollments in the Low Stress Handling University. There are, however, just a few simple steps you will need to complete on the Billing page where you enter your credit card information. If you try to complete the purchase without following these simple steps, you will receive an error message which says: “Error: Your payment was declined for the following reason: The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder. (Response Reason Code: 27)”

Steps for Completing Billing Information for Countries Outside of the United States:

  1. Enter your email address.
  2. Enter your first name, last name, company (optional), and phone number (optional).
  3. Click on the country link (default is United States).
  4. Select the appropriate country.
  5. Enter the zip or postal code for your billing address
  6. If entering your billing postal code does not trigger an automatic population of the Province and Country, click Go.
    1. Enter the remainder of the address information (street address 1 and street address 2 (optional)).
  7. Enter your credit card information (credit card number, expiration date, and security code).
  8. Click the button that reads Submit.