How does Low Stress Handling Certification compare to Fear Free Certificatiom

Low Stress Handling Certification

  • The Low Stress Handling Silver Certification program is a 20 CE unit RACE approved course.
  • It provides an in-depth understanding of reading the body language of dogs and cats in a veterinary or pet-care setting and how to respond to that animal to reduce stress.
  • Specific instruction in counter-conditioning, reducing stress, and reducing staff injury risks are covered in approximately half of the course content.
  • In short, this program is focused on when you have to put your hands on the animal to provide care in a less stressful way.

Fear Free Certification

  • The Fear Free program starts with a 9 hour program with emphasis on:
    • The hospital environment
    • Communication between staff and with clients regarding fear, anxiety, and stress reduction
    • Specific education in anxiety-reducing medications
  • Approximately 2 – 3 hours of this course covers basic handling skills.