How do I access my course(s) / curriculums?

There are 3 simple methods for locating your enrolled courses from the Student Dashboard.

  • First, you click on My Courses from the main Student Dashboard (shown below). Alternatively, you may click on the lime green down arrow in the top right corner of the Low Stress Handling University environment, then click on Courses. If you have already started your courses, you may also click on Resume which will take you back to the last course that you were working on.

  • After clicking on My Courses from the Student Dashboard, you will be taken to the first My Courses page. On this page, you will find the possibility of 4 different categories, depending on the courses or curriculums you have enrolled in. The majority of students may only see one course category listed. To enter the appropriate course category (Certification, Individual courses, DVD courses, Curriculums), click on the title of applicable course category you would like to enter.

  • After clicking on the course category, you will be presented with your enrolled courses under that course category. Click the Launch button next to your course to be taken to the Course Module menu.

  • After clicking the Launch button, you will be presented with one of two possible pages. If you are participating in a curriculum like the Low Stress Handling Silver Certification, the first page you will see if the Curriculum Menu. From this page, you may enter the individual modules/courses in order to complete your program of study by selecting the Launch button next to each available module/course.

  • After clicking the Launch button, or if you are participating in an Individual or DVD course, the next page you will encounter is the Course Module page. From this page, you may watch course videos, participate in Discussion Questions, answer Exam Questions, and fill out evaluation surveys.