Experiences with the Low Stress Handling Silver Certification Program

I’m very happy I decided to take this Low Stress Handling Silver Certification program. I learned so much about handling animals and gained confidence in my ability to interact with animals in a positive way.

– Cheyenne Knight, University of Saskatchewan – Western College of Veterinary Medicine

It is an excellent program and I will recommend it to anyone in the animal health or welfare businesses.

– Elsa Lubiantoro, University of Saskatchewan – Western College of Veterinary Medicine

This program is amazing! Dr. Yin truly is a master at her craft and has such an easy way of explaining the skills so everyone can be successful. I’ve been involved in training and behavior for ten years and learn so many more techniques for explaining skills and analogies to use to help clients truly understand. At each step of the way, Dr. Yin stressed the importance of thinking about our patient and their needs. When we do, we can’t go wrong in their treatment!

– Meagan Montmeny, ABCDT, CPDT-KA, Behavior & Training Department Manager, SPCA Tampa Bay

I learned so many new techniques that I was able to implement as I was learning in a clinical situation. I remember the first time I used a towel wrap technique on a cat in a tent in an outdoor clinic for a blood draw on the back leg and it was such a successful experience. I hope I can continue to learn and practice these techniques, as well as honor Dr. Sophia Yin’s legacy.

– Taylor Chan, University of California at Davis – College of Veterinary Medicine

The techniques and knowledge shared by Dr. Yin in the Low Stress Handling University are essential for the health and well-being of animals in shelters and veterinary clinics.
Welfare and quality of life for both animals and the people caring for them are dramatically improved through the implementation of Low Stress Handling. This course is life-changing!

– Karen Ward, DVM, Director of Shelter Medicine – Toronto Humane Society

I would recommend this course to anyone working with animals – whether in vet clinics, training classes, grooming salons, or any other situation, but especially in those areas that can be potentially stressful experiences for animals. These methods for properly handling pets should really be the standard of care in all veterinary clinics. I learned an incredible amount from this program, and look forward to continuing my education in Low Stress Handling.

– Julianne Wilson, University of Saskatchewan – Western College of Veterinary Medicine

I absolutely loved the Low Stress Handling University. It presented information in a clear, efficient, and concise manner and allowed me to balance my coursework whilst maintaining a fun and open learning environment.

– Alex Boo, University of Saskatchewan – Western College of Veterinary Medicine