Skills for Handling Your Reactive or Hyperactive Dog Part 1: Essential Exercises

Learn the skills to quickly and successfully train your difficult dog. Part 1 of 2.

Skills for Handling Your Reactive or Hyperactive Dog, Part 2

Learn to apply the skills learned in Part 1 to more difficult situations

Creating a Pet-Friendly Hospital, Animal Shelter, or Petcare Business

Sets the new standard of care! Train yourself and your entire staff —quickly and cost-effectively—in “pet-friendly” techniques helping both your patients and your staff while attracting new clients

Recognizing Brewing Fear and Aggression in Dogs and Cats

Rapid Reversal of Fear and Aggression in Dogs and Cats

Low Stress Handling® and Restraint of Difficult Dogs and Cats

Creating the Perfect Puppy

Dr. Yin tells the story of how she secretly trained her father’s Cattle Dog puppy Lucy, to be perfect in a week, and how to fix the problem pup in a month

Towel Wrap Techniques for Handling Cats with Skill and Ease

Gain confidence in handling cats in a few short sessions. Step-by-step instruction will give you the skills you need.

Pet Dogs, Problem Dogs, High Performance Dogs

Harness the power of science in your training! Training methods based on the science of animal behavior can get you astonishingly fast and consistent results.

What Giraffes, Dogs, and Chickens Have in Common: Training Techniques That Work for All Creatures
From Missile-Guiding Pigeons to Spy Dogs: How to Use Applied Behavior Analysis to Drive Huge Improvement In Your Training

Kitty Kindergarten: Creating the New Improved Cat Through Early Socialization

Potty problems? Inter-cat aggression? Antisocial behavior? Many people think that these are part of a cat’s nature or just something they need to accept. It turns out that these and most cat behavior issues can be prevented with early socialization and training. A few techniques applied early on can change the course of a kitten’s life

Handling, Moving, and Restraining Dogs in Stressful Environments, Part 1

Low Stress Handling® Techniques to improve your confidence in handling the dog, and the dog’s confidence in you.
Essential Exercises for Moving Dogs from Place to Place
Handling and Restraining Medium-sized and Large Dogs with Skill and Ease

Handling Moving and Restraining Small Dogs and Medium-sized Dogs

This is part 2 of Handling, Moving, and Restraining Dogs in Stressful Environments and it focuses on small and medium sized dogs. This is a stand alone course or can be taken along with part 1.
Small and medium-sized dogs might seem simple to handle, but they pose their own difficulties. Now, Dr. Yin has a problem solving workshop with holds and techniques to make working with small and medium–sized dogs easier